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Τρίτη, 6 Ιανουαρίου 2015

"For one day, we are all Greeks!" [B. Obama]

Are they Greeks?

Barack Obama, President  of USA, White House, Spring 2014.  "For one day, we are all Greeks", On the anniversary of the Greek National Day of "25 March 1821"
Bill Clinton, fmr President of USA. In Athens, November 1999. In a official dinner, in his honor, at the Presidential palace. Homology statement, in Greek: "I'm a Greek and I!"
Why only one day we are all Greeks?
- The ISTOR asks by you -

   To avoid any misunderstanding, we are hurrying to emphasize that Hellenism and what is the Hellenic, is not and is not recognized, only, as a tribal affair of southest peoples of Ancient Europe, of the Balkans or Italy, of the peoples of Aegean islands , Asia Minor, of clιnon asty the planters, of the peoples of the Eurotas valley or the Aksios, of famous Hellenic genders, of historical times, with dynamic civilization, rich history, and sometimes , imperial aspirations. The Hellenism, historically, comprises a open ideology of the marine Peoples of Eastern Mediterranean, with cored the Aegean and the Periaigaiako space, which, with the dynamics of trade, science and art, spread, teacher and conqueror, until the edges of one, so small, without trim, closed spherical world. The "Hellenism" with the extent of the ancient concept, is doctrine!, and with robust the historical presence and the route, highlights and underlines and keeps intact the dimensions of a global, absolute and universal at the same time, anthropocentric, culture and humanism, plenteous, of the civil rights, democratic ideology.

 "Für einen Tag, jeden Tag, wir sind alle Griechen"
- Ein deutscher mit e-mail -
 In a Greekish Humanity
  is not difficult to measure,
how many days a year we are Greek!
 - Said the Prophytis! -
[Prophytis = Underminer, Saboteur]

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