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Δευτέρα, 12 Ιουνίου 2017

The Coffin of Tutankhamun presents its self to us! – Ancient Egypt, 2nd millennium BC! – Eikonogrammati and Palaeogrammiki Scripture –

Knower-Teacher of  Eikonogrammati and Palaeogrammiki Scripture

There are not Mysteries in this World! In front of every "Mystery" stands proudly the IGNORANCE and the NAIVETY and the Queen of mobs and peoples, our STUPIDITY (with capitals and with... helmet!), those which with unforgiving reverence, ecstatic consider it.

READ with us.
Beware, though! In order to approach the dark antiquity we must cross the Ancient Greek Gate.
The Ancient Greek Gate shouts with the cancer inscription:
ουΔείΣ αΛλόΦωΝος ειΣίΤω
If you speak Greek, keep going.

    Above all, it is indispensable and necessary to attend a series COURSES of READING from our READING BOOK:

Download - Peruse - Spread this:

" The CoMMon oF WRiTiNG-ReaDiNG SySTeM oF aNCieNT SPeeCH "
A step in the approach of Code of Inscription-Reading
of the godlike Drivers-Teachers of the Human Genous.

 We, here, will teach Eikonogrammati & Palaeogrammiki Scripture.

Some affairs of Humanity is purely Greek affairs,
 – said the Prophytis! 
 [Profytevo = I am preparing  the soil to make the planting or, figuratively, to write the... history!
Prophytis = Who cultivates the soil for the planting,  Underminer.]


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